"If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint."

-Edward Hopper

Welcome to my Art Room Wikispace!
This site was created for my students, the Elmont faculty and community, as well as art educators everywhere, to recount and share some of the experiences and achievements occurring each day in class. Please visit this page for news and events. You can also check the side menu for lesson information, student artwork, exhibits and opportunities. For students and parents- you can review some of the work being done in each class by clicking on the appropriate page. There will be homework assignments given using this wiki and please upload pictures of your work. For teachers- please let me know what you think about my lessons and projects and share your thoughts. Thank you for visiting and feel free to register and chime in using the "Discussion" tab on each page. I'd love to hear your feedback! If you would like to collaborate, interact, and/or share student work, drop me a line. Thanks for reading!

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